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 Listed here, You will find all new pages we have added as well as any updates to existing pages. From time to time, we will feature some older postings we feel might be of current interest.  


Updated 9-11-06

Respect and dignity? I think not.


Updated 9-11-06  

Just who is running this mess?


   Updated 8-10-06 IP Pays out 12.4 Million in a settlement   An Update to one of our favorite pages.



Updated 7-23-05

Employees Get Average 3.6 Pay Raise


Updated 7-12-05 

Your Commentaries!


 Updated 7-12-05


PACE International Union to Merge with The United Steelworkers to form one of the biggest Unions in the United States

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Special Note:

John T. Dillon
International Paper

In 2002, John T. Dillon raked in $8,965,055 in total compensation including stock option grants from International Paper.

From previous years' stock option grants, the International Paper executive cashed out $3,688,468 in stock option exercises.

And John T. Dillon has another $869,500 in unexercised stock options from previous years  Info. from AFL-CIO Homepage




Read about the IP Global Alliance. It is a world wide alliance of unions to better the lives of all IP Employees. Also read about the largest retirement increase in IP's negotiating history!!! 



Read what a former employee (and Union Committee Member) of  this facility, who is now employed at a Union shop, has to say about our situation!

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