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Welcome to the new "Don Watch" Page.  We feel that our "Former"  plant manager, by his Past and current actions, has been instrumental in our success in Holding our Union Committee at it's current proud strength.  Some sort of thanks might be in order but quite frankly the words just won't come out. That is why we ask you, the people of this plant, to use this page to share with us your personal experiences regarding Mr. Noort. Only one rule, keep your commentaries clean.  This website may be advertised in newspapers and publications throughout the surrounding area and we want to keep it family friendly.

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Received 7-10-05 via e-mail

According to what we were told during the union campaign, I thought Don was supposed to get an off site office and not be in here everyday and yet I see him more now than I did before. I feel like the company lied to me to get my vote. 

Received 7-9-05 via e-mail

Who is that guy still sitting in the big corner office? Teflon Don that's who! Nothing sticks to this guy! After all the crap this @@!! pulled he is still living large and laughing easy!

Received 7-9-05 via e-mail

Oh Tom... Hey Tom... Guess what? From my lips to your ears, Bull@#$^!!!  After this  ordeal with Don I don't believe a word you say.  The union needed three votes to win... now they only need 2. 

*NOTE* Please refrain from so much vulgar language. There were 4 postings I had to drop because we could not post them. I am not happy about this situation either. 




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