A Letter From Dale Stinnett 

International Paper   Lexington, Kentucky


Updated : 08-13-07


    This is your old "union brother" Dale Stinnett.
I have been "surfing" your web pages, and I see that the problems 
that were there when I left are still there. This is very unfortunate. 
As a union member I can say that the problems you folks are enduring 
are completely normal. Without a union presence in a company, 
management has free reign to do as they please, say as they please, 
and act as they please. It doesn't really matter to them because, 
in the end, they know that there is nothing any employee can do about it.
Let me state that in a union shop, all the problems that you are having 
right now would be impossible to have. In a union shop, management 
does NOT have free reign to harass, embarrass, judge, "single out", or 
otherwise frustrate any employee!.
Because they know that the UNION will not tolerate it and will deal  
with this kind of behavior in a very harsh manner. 
And they also know that their superiors will find out how 
they are treating their workers.
Here is how it works: If any problem arises that an employee 
files a grievance on, a lot of people "up" the corporate ladder are
 given a courtesy copy, but the actual grievance gets to the top.
 In most cases, I've learned,  the top brass doesn't know about 
any wrongful treatment or practices in any given plant. But are usually
 embarrassed when they find out about them in this manner. 
It's only because of union involvement do they find out. 
The plant that you men and women work so hard in 
is only a very small part of IP. 
Without a union, there is virtually no way for the corporate 
office leaders to know what your actual working environment is.
I will go on to say that you aren't having problems with IP so much
as you are having problems with the managers of your particular plant.
Having said that, try exploiting the good of the company and 
look for ways that  you all can add to the quality of products 
and services the company offers. Let me finish by saying that I know 
first hand about how Don, Bill, Joel, and their lawyers act about union talks.
They all can get quite out of hand at times. I ask all of you
employees to take the "HIGH ROAD" and to not fall into the trap they 
are setting, which is to argue with them, causing production 
and quality problems. 
This only gives them fuel against your quest for a united work force. 
Don't be fooled, they want all the tension and animosity 
they can create during this time so they can drive a wedge between 
those who want a union and those who are scared of the 
unknown or change.   If anyone in the plant has questions 
about how a union can help you, please feel free to e-mail me anytime 
and I will do my level best to give you the information
you need. But I won't sugar-coat it to try make you believe 
that the union is a cure-all. It really takes a lot of effort 
and understanding from both  the employees and company to 
make a good working relationship, but it is a definite "must have" 
tool in this day and age
My e-mail address is dmstinnett95@msn.com
                                                                   Yours Truly...
                                                                          Dale Stinnett  
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