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5-21-07 Commentary from inside the plant

What happened to the so called Gain sharing program? Here we are running a billion lineal feet of paper last year and they are talking about taking away our Wal-Mart cards I heard. We keep giving and they keep taking. This has been a pattern for some time now.

5-16-07 Commentary from outside the plant

Hey people! 

From what I have heard about the current situation at the plant, I can tell you one thing that is a iron clad fact... YOU GUYS NEED A UNION BADLY!!!  From what I understand and have seen personally, there is a huge amount of mismanagement going on in the office and it is the hourly workers that are being punished for managementís mistakes. Your management team loves to point fingers and shift blame.  Anyone that hasnít experienced that first hand is in for a shock when it happens to him or her. WHATíS THAT?? You think it canít happen to you? Trust me when I say it can and will. I am living proof of that. You may say that you donít need a union to talk for you and you don't care if they blame you but believe me when you are hunting for a job in todayís market, you will change your mind quick! At one time, not too long ago I thought  I could do no wrong in the eyes of management up until they needed to cover their *XOXOís and I got shafted. I always thought the union people were wrong about us needing a union. I thought all the union did was take my money and do nothing for me just like the company said, MAN WAS I WRONG!   I WASTED a lot of time on the wrong side. Now I know better. Too bad itís too late for me to change anything because Iím gone. But the rest of you still have a chance to make the company treat you fairly. Make them take the blame when they schedule something wrong or approve a order to be run on the wrong paper. If you do get in trouble for something make sure everyone  is treated exactly the same. NO FAVORITES! The only way thats ever going to happen is with a strong union.  That's all I have to say.  I hope you publish this on the web.

Thank You .

PS Thanks for trying to help me. I know there wasn't much you could do but it meant alot to me.

5-16-07 Commentary from Inside the Plant

I Think it's really funny how in the break room there is now a paper posted about how many plants around the area have been closed down in the past year or two.  What really made me laugh out loud was how our so called plant manager, to put it lightly, smacked us all in the face.  Of course we had a record breaking month in april, but they way he put it was if we continue to do this we will not have to worry about closing the IP Lexington plant.  Thanks for the gratitude chief, Glad you are proud of your employees. I wish he would come out and say it one day " Thanks for the raise suckers!"  What do we get? A short but sweet thank you and then a kick in the pants.  While we all lay on the ground with our arms clutching our stomachs from the blow, they stand above with a coke and a smile :)




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